Incompetent Art Rage Breakdown (IARB - pronounced “Yarb”) is something I invented so that I could keep track of my artistic moods. It allows me to not freak out too badly when I’m arting, so that I don’t feel completely helpless. There are three major stages, each of which is characterized by specific feelings and thoughts.

Stage One: Euphoria

I’m excited, I’m over-the-top. My art has never looked better. It’s amazing. It’s spectacular. I’m completely enthused and having a blast. I love to look at my art, admiring all the things I’ve done well. I love to show it off, I want to show people what I’ve done, and I feel like I’m on top of the world.

Stage Two: Hopelessness

My art looks terrible. This is the worst thing in the world. How on earth could I consider myself an artist? The proportions/anatomy/lighting/folds/line art/whatev are all wrong. How could anyone think this is any good? I want to tear down all my old art, rip it up, hide it away from the world. I’ll never be any good, there’s no point, I should just quit.

Stage Three: Determination

Okay, yeah my art looks bad, but I can getbetter. Bring on the reference pics! Let’s go find some tutorials! I need to practice, I need to look at tutorials and I need to draw almost constantly. I draw, draw, draw, draw, and most of what I draw never sees the light of day but hey, at least I am drawing. Let’s draw again until I’ve perfected the thing that was bothering me!

So, that’s IARB. Stage Two has become a shorter and shorter period of time (I’m hoping eventually it gets down to no time at all, so that I don’t have the horrible periods of “gah my art is SHIT” that make me feel really horrible for such long periods of time). Right now I’m sliding out of Stage Two and into Stage Three (Stage Two only lasted thirty minutes this time, it might be a record.)

I have no idea if anybody read this, or if anyone was even really interested but whatev.